Get Ready: Building Climate Resilient Cities

In the same vein as the Federal Engineers report discussed earlier, a new UN-World Bank report released last week aims to point the way to climate proofing our cities. "Building Resilient Cities" is focused on the large cities in the Asia-Pacific region. Up until recently the majority of our attention here in the North has been focused on reducing emissions. The publicity value of committing to GHG reductions has attracted many municipal politicians and media outlets. But results have been slow in coming - see the US Mayor Climate Protection Agreement for example.

Increasingly though adaptation is starting to get the attention it needs. Initially the key guidelines seem familiar: Don't build on floodplains or unstable slopes, protect coastal defenses, build more resilient infrastructure... I'll be giving a closer look to the report later in the week and am curious to see whether the report tangles with why such seemingly common-sense ideas are often so hard to put into practice.


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