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There is a new facebook-esque social networking site specifically for people active on climate change. (WCC) is a free site, set up by the City of Copenhagen as part of preparations for this December's UN climate negotiations. It's got most of the features that you'd expect: space for your personal profile, theme groups, the ability to upload files and video content, and – of course – that tacit competition to be the one with the most “friends.”

So far there are 266 users, which isn't bad for a site that is a little over a week old. Early adopters include UNEP and Greenpeace, as well as the environmental mayor of Copenhagen and a woman who likes to cut carbon by dancing to keep warm. One of the advantages of the site may be that it isn't aiming for Facebook's mammoth numbers. There are more than 500 groups addressing climate change on Facebook, but the content is pretty uneven. The narrower audience aimed for by WCC could make it a good spot for more focused and productive collaborations. The WCC team also curates a “speakers corner” to showcase the best of the user submitted multi-media content. (At the moment the main feature is an interview with Shai Agassi.)

There are some other pluses as well. You don't have to be signed up to access content, and each group gets a user-friendly url (i.e. “” instead of Facebook's lengthy alphanumerical gibberish). All in all, that makes it possible to use the site as a venue for communicating to the general public. In a pinch, groups could use it as a substitute for a standalone website.

It's a well designed site, and could end up being a handy way to build community both before and after December's negotiations.

(You can find my profile on WCC here.)
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