Interactive Doomsday Map

I'm not much into sensational titles, but I wasn't quite sure how else to put it. The UK's Hadley Centre has put out a well researched and smoothly interactive map that displays the potential impacts of a 4c average increase in global temperatures. The picture it gives is disturbing. [All the more reason to get out this Saturday for the global day of action! See post below]

We've heard many of these impacts before: flooding, drought, forest fires, crop failures and massive population displacements. But seeing them all brought together in this way is really impressive. Especially when you see how many regions, North America included, will be faced by multiple overlapping impacts. One click on the map gives you a brief summary, a second carries you through to more detailed coverage of the science behind the projections.[Map below too small? Click here to launch full screen version]

But why choose 4c? If that seems a bit high to you, take a look at an early post from Oct.2008.


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