Make it Happen! Sat. Oct. 24 Day of Action

A better world is possible. But one of the barriers to getting from here to there is that decision makers (whether polticians or business leaders) are skitish about proposing real change unless they know that the public is behind them. In all but my most cynical moments, I truly believe that.

This Saturday is a global day of action, coordinated by, to send a loud message that people around the world support ambitious action on climate change. Almost 4500 actions are planned across 172 countries. You can find actions near you by searching here (the text search is more reliable than the interactive map).

For folks in Vancouver, BC like me, here is the rundown of activities:

11 am gather on the Cambie Street Bridge (close to the new 2nd Ave skytrain station)
Noon: parade across the bridge, along Pacific Bvd to Science World -- bring your group's banner, come dressed as your favorite endangered animal or fossil fool!
3 pm: music, food, workshops, advocacy and celebration at Science World -- send a personal message to Ottawa, learn something new, enjoy yourself!
7 pm: inspirational speakers, movies at Christ Church Cathedral
Full details at

So get some friends together and get out there. (If you need a little motivation, I recommend this piece that came out of Reuters today.)

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems – M.G.


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