Double Warming: Urbanization, Climate Change and Global Health

For those of you in Montreal (where I've resently resettled), there is what looks like an interesting talk this Wednesday at McGill's Institute for Health and Social Policy.

The theme of their 2009-10 seminar series is "Sustainable Cities in a Changing Climate." This week's talk by Dr. Lea Berrang Ford is on urban health concerns and climate change. See all the details after the jump (or click on the poster to enlarge).

- From the press release:

The series continues with a talk by Dr. Lea Berrang Ford from The McGill Geography Department, entitled: “Double Warming: Urbanization, Climate Change and Global Health.” The talk will cover the effects of urbanization and climate change on public health by highlighting the recent trends of Malaria transmission in urban environments.

Location: IHSP Conference Room (1130 Pine ave West). Light snacks will be served.


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