Electro-dub-ocalypse: fishing in NYC with DJ /Rupture

Rhyming nicely with the earlier post on illustrations of urban spaces redesigned by flooding and human adaptability, I stumbled on recent work by New York based DJ /Rupture. His new album Solar Life Raft, creates a disjointed dubby soundtrack for a future that's both dark and strangly joyous.

In an interview with New York Magazine he summed the album up as:

"a picture of New York 40 years in the future, where the water line is at the fourth story of buildings and the rich people are dry in the Catskills. Kids are making music on their cell phones and grilling octopi. So it’s postapocalyptic, but not necessarily grim." [take a look at the video for a taste.]

I really liked the music, although jagged electro-dub probably won't be everyones cup of java. But eyond the images and music, it's interesting that we are seeing these creative celebrations of human ingenuity and adaptability.

On the one hand you might say it's an artistic cop-out: an admission that we can't make the clouds go away, so we'd better start looking for silver lining. But if we are ever going to manage to create change, it's exactly these kinds of imaginative responses to difficult situations that we are going to need.

Now if we can just show a little bit of that ingenuity, adaptability and flexibility sooner rather than later, maybe we can fish octopi from the first floor, rather than the fourth...


2 Responses to "Electro-dub-ocalypse: fishing in NYC with DJ /Rupture"

kasper kwant said... 1 December 2009 at 09:23

nice electro music. i am a dutch electro dj and maybe you like my demo's


Alex Aylett said... 1 December 2009 at 14:45

Hey Kasper, thanks for dropping in.


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