Images of A Flodded City : NYC & Tokyo

NYC architecture firm Studio Lindfors has released a lushly rendered vision of massively flodded New York and Tokyo streets. The series of images [flickr] is part of what the firm calls their "speculative" works. (Which have previously included populations of nomadic cloud skippers and blimp shelters for hurricaine survivors.)

What hooked me about these images, other than their beautiful details (click images to see larger), are the way they side-step the apocalyptic. Sure, the city is under 10 meters of water, but life continues to evolve and adapt. The city is still vibrant and alive (maybe more so), even if it is dramatically changed. In one of my favourites a pedestrian crosses a make-shift foot bridge above rows of crops, below a dog waits to pounch on a trio of geese.Wheat has been planted in a parking tower in the background and roofgarden forests sprout over head.

It's a different future, frightening but at the same time appealing -- certainly not helpless or devastated. The whole project makes a great pushing off point for musings about how human adaptability will make use of the climate modified urban spaces of the late 21st C.

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