Climate Comix: Hipo Popo Pota & Tamo

I'm totally hooked on the editorial cartoons that run in Spain's El Pais newspaper. The cartoonist Ramon, in particular, runs a quirkly environmentally themed strip that is consistently wonderful. Who would have thought cute hippos, grumpy frogs and sinister alligators could be sharp! In the lead up to Copenhagen I'll be translating some of the best strips for those of you who don't read Spanish. You can find the originals here. (click on the strip for a bigger clearer image)

As a proud Canadian, I just wanted to point out as well that it was us who invented the trick of basing your targets on 2005 instead of 1990. Cool, no? Makes any target look that much bigger. Kind of like putting newspaper in your shoes to look taller. Good thing we've got some cartoons to help us keep things straight!


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