Sustainable Disaster Relief 3: Urban Agriculture & Food Security

Weeks after the quake, farms are one of the things that are helping people in Haiti find their feet again. Urban Agriculture was a key feature in an interview that the CBC ran with one of their radio producers who is still on location in Port Au Prince.

It's a touching personal story. After hearing how unstable the situation still is the host, Michael Enright, asks him "Is anything getting back to normal,... anything?" His answer was food and agriculture. He described the morning routine of women going up to local farms on the outskirts of outside the city to bring fruits and vegetables back to market. The farms survived the quake and continue to provide food -- as well as a sense of normalcy -- for survivors.

It is a nice compliment to my earlier post on permaculture. It's also a great concrete example of the importance of local agriculture for food security. I can't help wondering how many Western cities, where sprawl has paved over productive agricultural land, would do in similar situations....

The segment is streaming here. Scroll down right down to the bottom of the page for the last hour of the show. The segment begins at 37:30 and the portion on agriculture at 39:00.


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