Parking to Parks in San Francisco

Worldchanging has a great post up on a new guerrilla-greening style program being run in San Francisco. The city is converting parking spaces into temporary mini parks. The experiment uses recycled urban materials, plants and seating to create little green oasis in the city. It's great example of what happens when we start rethinking the way we do parking (see my earlier post).

From Worlchanging:
In San Francisco, a handful of parking spaces and public right-of-ways are being remade into mini parks and plazas. Some are lined with trees sprouting from old dumpsters, others are buffered from traffic with large, discarded pipes; inside the improvised borders, tables, small patches of grass and concrete slabs are arranged for seating.

These 'parklets' and plazas are part of San Francisco's new Pavement to Parks initiative, an attempt to transfer some of San Francisco's public space back to pedestrians.
[full post with photos]


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