Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Your City's Future - Kickstarting A New Book

Alex Steffen, the founding editor of the excellent (who I wrote for during the blog's seven year run), has announced an interesting new project. His new book-in-the-making "Carbon Zero" is being crowd-funded over at kickstarter.  If he can raise $10,000 to cover production costs by mid-April, he's promising to put out a short readable ebook on how cities can re-design themselves to go beyond the traditional limits of piecemeal urban sustainability projects.  The ebook will be release in time for Earth Day (April 22nd).  In under a week he's already raised $7,500. 

Alex is one of North America's most dedicated and insightful public thinkers.  You can see kickstarter for a full description of the "Carbon Zero" project, and to kick in a few bucks.  I like many things about the project, but I think he's really nailed it when it comes to explaining why a book like this is needed - not in general - but right now.

Earth Day is typically full of messages about do-it-yourself, small acts and ways to "go green." But this year, with a sense of malaise in the progressive community, a climate-hostile Congress and the oil, coal and chemical companies lobbying, spinning and greenwashing as never before, we need something more than a few simple steps.

But we can't build what we can't imagine, and we usually have a hard time imagining what we don't understand. Carbon neutrality is complex, but it's not rocket science: there's no reason why everybody can't understand its basics. But most people have never heard carbon neutrality explained, much less explained clearly in a book they actually have time to read.

This is a chance for us to not only create a resource for those people, but to push forward the larger debate as well, shining a light on the kind of change it will take to build a planet with a future.

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