Jane's Walk 2011: This Weekend Biggest Ever now in 15 Countries

This weekend is the fifth year of Jane's Walk, and it is the biggest ever. Volunteers will lead 491 walks spread across 72 cities and 15 countries. What I love about the Walks, and what's at the core of their success, is their simple open-source approach.

They were founded on the gamble that if you give people who are passionate about their cities a platform they will help others discover all the hidden facets of local history, culture, and politics that make cities such captivating places to live. Clearly the gamble has paid off. Embedded below is the map for this year's walks in Montreal.  To find your city see here.

While a lot of these walks are just good fun, for Jacobs walking had a larger purpose. Intimate knowledge of your neighborhood was for her the best foundation for decisions about how cities could grow and evolve. For Jacobs a political thing.

Some of this years even are more expressly linked to city politics and planning decisions than other.  And given that for Jacobs celebrating what made communities thrive was never far away from criticizing the decisions of centralized city planners, it's interesting to see that this year also marks the first time a Walk has been held in China.

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Also see Montreal Urban Ecology Centre for more info.
[Photo: MUEC]


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