New Sustainable Cities Research Program - New Job, Exciting Prospects

Vancouver-based NGO Sustainable Cities International is an excellent outfit that runs a network of cities focused on green urbanism that spans the globe. The research that I've been able to do in South Africa, Canada, the States, Senegal (and other spots in between) has been in part thanks to their help.

I've been working with SCI for six years now, and in 2009 we started having conversations about increasing the amount of research going on in the network. SCI-affiliated cities include many international leaders in green-city-building like Curitiba, Durban, and Portland. It seemed to me that taking a closer look at their successes, and communicating that research to a broader audience was important work. But it was also well beyond what one researcher could do.

SCI agreed, and earlier this year I started work in earnest creating the outlines for a research initiative inside the organization. Those plans have been under wraps until now.  But it's a real pleasure to announce that this week marks the official start of SCI's new research program, and my new position as Research Director. 

The full announcement came out earlier this week on the SCI blog. You can find more details there.

Like just about everything these days, the program is being run on a shoestring. It depends in large part on partnerships, in particular with graduate students beginning their own research on urban sustainability. So please pass the word around. Over the coming year I will be looking both for young researchers who would like to get involved, and for the funding we will need to keep building on the exciting work that is ahead.


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