METRO MTL: The Boardgame!

Montrealer's and transit geeks will love this.  Yes, it's a boardgame inspired by Montreal's iconic metro. I discovered the other day at Chez Boris, a hip little Russian Coffeeshop that's part of Montreal's nascent 'nouveau doughnut' scene.

 The goal is simple, whoever gets to their destination and back home again fastest wins. Along the way you collect transit tickets, bonuses and penalties ("you are caught smoking, loose five transit tickets").

For some reason "home" for all players is Longeuil which hardly seems fair.  The game is relatively recent (1997), but it all has a decidedly retro feel -- like the METRO itself, before the more recent modernization began.

It's funny to see the metro get a boardgame treatment.  But if we can do it with capitalism and real-estate specualtion (Monopoly) and the  car-driving nuclear family ("Life"), why not commuting to work? 

Now if we could overlay a BIXI map on top of the board things would really get interesting!


2 Responses to "METRO MTL: The Boardgame!"

Anonymous said... 16 December 2012 at 15:58

Any idea if this game is actually available for purchase anywhere? This would be so fun to have at home!

Alex Aylett said... 17 December 2012 at 12:10

I don't know. Somehow I doubt very many of these were made.

Maybe this is an opportunity for someone crafty to scan the game at Chez Boris and print up a few more copies!


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