Urban Agriculture is "Gangsta": Ron Finley on Growing Abundance in a Food Desert

Ron Finley, presenting @TED, has come up with possibly the best talk I've seen on urban agriculture. Taking urban agriculture seriously has been a favourite theme of mine here for a while. There is something deeply powerful about bringing agricultural production back into public urban spaces, and identifying and transforming plots of land that would otherwise be abandoned or underused.

It heals the rift that cities create between people and the agricultural systems that support them. Beyond that, it draws attention to larger issues of food security, social marginalization, and wellbeing that are crucial for building healthy sustainable cities. 

Finley hits on all of those issues. And, most importantly, he shows how urban agriculture can be re-imagined to be relevant to communities where white middle-class enviro-geekery doesn't carry much weight.

Watch the talk.  It really is excellent.


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