Graduate Position: Innovation and Urban Sustainability @ INRS

A funded MA or PhD position in Innovation and Urban Sustainability is now open at the INRS University. The position is open to MA or PhD students interested in studying:

  •  the overlap between "smart" and "sustainable" cities,
  • the application of new technologies to urban environmental problems,
  • the socio-institutional and political factors that enable or block innovations in urban sustainability,
  • the impacts of "smart" approaches to green cities on governance, democracy, and public participation.
The position also includes the possibility of a paid summer research internship. Students will be working with Prof. Alexander Aylett, and based in the Center for Urbanization, Culture, and Society at the INRS in Montreal.  See here for a full description of the position and summer internship:

Working Language:
- The working language at the INRS is French, and knowledge of English (and other languages) is considered an asset. Students may submit written work in other languages, but they must be comfortable enough to participate in courses which are given exclusively in French. Support is available to students wishing to improve their French language skills.

About the INRS:

The Institut national de la recherche scientifique is the highest-ranked academic research institute in Canada in terms of research intensity (funding per faculty member). One hundred and fifty professors and more than 700 graduate students and postdoctoral research associates work at its research centres in Montréal, Québec, Laval, and Varennes. INRS research teams are active in both fundamental and applied research and play a key role in developing practical solutions to problems confronting society.


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